Composite Decking

Carbonised – Weathered – Tactile – Last Grip – Enhanced Grain


Decking is a popular and effective way to create open, organic-feeling outdoor spaces. But wood has so many drawbacks as a material- it needs regular ongoing maintenance, it gets slippery when wet and it’s prone to rotting, fading and staining. Millboard is completely different. It’s the world’s finest 100% wood-free composite decking board. Millboard has none of the problems of traditional timber or even conventional wood/plastic (WPC) decking. Millboard is made from polyurethane resin, sustainable minerals and fibres- plus a resilient Lastane coating for superior anti-slip properties. It’s highly resistant to light, moisture, stains, mould, algae and impacts. But it’s attractive too; with incredible realism capturing the natural beauty of timber and a wide range of colours and textures are available. Our range of composite deckings are: Carbonised Decking, Weathered Decking, Tactile Decking, Last Grip Decking and Enhanced Grain Decking. Get in touch with us today and we can make your dream a reality. With our decking system, the possibilities are endless.


1. 25 year limited residential warranty


2. Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic


3. Beauty and versatility of natural wood without the maintenance


4. Perfect for both domestic and commercial settings


5. Non porous outer layer so it’s essentially self cleans and the rain will do the hard work.


6. U.V inhibiting materials – minimal U.V affects (tested for up to 20 years light equivalence)
Millboard Products