We believe you need to have a beautiful and unique garden to reflect your individual tastes and lifestyle needs.

You think carefully about how to lay out, decorate and furnish the rooms inside the house and the outside is equally important. We believe you need to have a beautiful and unique garden to reflect your individual tastes and lifestyle needs.

It is a crucial requirements to consider green features in exist and new construction projects in modern cities, reduce pollution, increase comfortable areas inside the city and make building outdoors more natural environment is our responsibility to sketching practically in our cities.

Fortunately, nowadays people found this essential point and all try to drive their lands and buildings in this direction. But unfortunately, most of the recent projects have been designed and installed by non-qualified people and this is caused only to waste money, also in most cases low quality products have been used in these projects therefore it made the situation worse and this sometime reflected with disappointment of residential/commercial building owners. Our company has been established to solve this problem, we came with new ideas, new products and with the help of international experts we decided to increase natural degrees of outdoor living spaces inside our cities.

The purpose of landscape and urban design is to create a sense of place. We believe you achieve this through intelligent, contemporary design. 

During last several years our country passes through a big construction and renovation of infrastructures, furthermore thousands of private and residential projects have been built, but unfortunately, green and natural elements were considered in very small parts of these projects, furthermore, what have been done in this respect in most cases were implemented in poor conditions and didn’t satisfied the main purpose behind them.

Most landscape projects in our cities built bases on the conventional design concepts and there is no any care about environmental protection which will put our country in front of many challenges and crises that will influence all lives. In order to reduce the impact of the previous mistakes and open a new door for landscape engineering, our company came with a wide range of hardscape and geosynthetic products and techniques for all landscape and environmental purposes.

Except of landscape sector, our company in cooperation with our UK partner Geosynthetic Technology Limited (GT) is ready to provide cost effective and environmentally effective geosynthetic solutions for all projects in other sectors including roads and highways, infrastructure, building and construction, rainwater management, landfill, wastewater treatment, retaining structures and rockfall protection. for more detail please visit GT’s Iraq website.

GT Iraq

Our vision is to be the landscape design and construction leader in our marketplace.

We will continue to be differentiated from our competition by the design and build of our hardscapes and our geosynthetic systems.