GreenScape focused on the landscape sector, although nowadays landscape is a diverse engineering field and has a direct relation with some other sectors, in GreenScape we planned to cover as much as of the landscape related products and services within our packages. In order to converge our solutions, we classify our packages under three main fields, which are: 

1. Landscape engineering
2. Geosynthetic Landscaping
3. Waterscape

Within each of these fields we supply a wide range of solutions and products to help our clients meet all kind of possible challenges and achieve dreamed landscaping targets in their projects.

Landscape Engineering
GreenScape has a comprehensive range of landscape engineering solutions including both ...
Geosynthetic Landscaping
Within the civil, construction and landscaping sectors the use of geosynthetics...
Where there is water, there is life. GreenScape supply a great range of water feature products and solutions that transform your garden to an attractive place, with light...