• BodPave grids are strong interlocking 100% recycled cellular porous plastic paving grid systems for grass reinforcement, ground stabilisation & gravel retention for regular trafficked surfaces (pedestrian and vehicles). BodPave grids comes in two models which are BodPave 40 and BodPave 85 each with different technical properties. BodPaves can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface. BodPave permeable pavers are manufactured in the UK from UV Stabilised 100% recycled HDPE and are strong, chemically inert & non-toxic. BodPave porous paving provide a durable, safe and eco-friendly surface for trafficked areas, it is a cost effective solution to worn & rutted grassed areas, displaced gravel and for source control of surface water run-off. BodPaves grass and ground pavers have a load bearing capacity up to 400 tonnes/m².

BodPave Designed for applications such as:

Grass & Gravel Car Parks

• Overflow Car Parks

• Emergency/HGV Service Access Routes

• Aircraft Taxiways & Helipads

• Pedestrian Walkways

• Wheelchair / Disabled Access Routes

• Golf Buggy Paths

• SUDS Source Control

BodPave paving grids are designed to be installed onto a well prepared, free-draining and relatively even surface using a full sub-base construction incorporating a geogrid reinforcement layer. The ground reinforcement paving grids simply connect together and are filled with either a sand : soil rootzone and seeded for use as grass pavers which provides a visually pleasant and stable surface structure through which grass can be grown, or filled with an angular gravel for use as a gravel retention reinforcement surface. Construction profiles for each application will be determined by the specific site conditions & loading criteria. Detailed design literature and technical support are downloadable.

BodPave 40 Brochures

PodPave 40 Installation Guide

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PodPave 40 Technical Data

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BodPave 85 Brochures

PodPave 85 Installation Guide

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PodPave 85 Technical Data

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BodPave 85Leaflet

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