Bontec HF
  • Bontec HF is a high flow woven geotextile used where there exists a requirement for the quick escape of excess water, HF fabrics are used primarily in erosion control applications e.g. under concrete revetment blocks or between dissimilar layers of quick draining granular fill e.g. a coarse sand and rounded gravel.

    An exclusive range of high flow woven geotextiles with outstanding water flow and pore size characteristics that will satisfy even the most demanding hydraulic applications. These products have quite simply been developed and manufactured for use in applications where the geosynthetics primary role is filtration.

Looking for specialist filtration and the quick escape of excess water? Are you confident of your geotextile filter’s long term performance?

Bontec HF woven geotextiles are unique in that they are woven from polypropylene monofilament tapes & yarns. Their resulting structure forms a very fine filter mesh of uniform opening size. Unlike many other geotextiles this opening size is consistent over the entire length and width of each and every roll.

Bontec HF facts include:

• Controlled regular pore openings ranging in size from 175 to 1200 microns

• Waterflows up to 850 litres/m2/sec normal to the plane of the geotextile Reliable – HF Hydraulic characteristics that maximise long term filtration performance by reducing the chances of fabric blocking and clogging.

• Robust – HF Mechanical characteristics that offer tensile strengths up to 50kN/m and CBR puncture values in excess of 6000N.

• HF fabrics allow the rapid removal of any excess water through their surface

Typical applications for HF Highflow woven geotextiles include:

• As a filter wrap to granular drainage trenches and blankets. As an erosion control layer under rock armour or concrete revetments in river & coastal defence systems.

• As a filter layer in the construction of artifical sports surfaces and all weather horse riding arenas.

• As a filtration/separation layer within storm control systems

HF Woven Geotextiles offer considerable mechanical strength combined with an engineered filter for use in those slightly more demanding hydraulic locations. When looking at those applications where either (i) the quick escape of water is critical or (ii) where reverse flows may be encountered, then a correctly designed HF geotextile grade can be assured to offer long term filtration performance.

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HF Fabrics

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