Bontec HS
  • Bontec HS is a range of woven polyester geotextiles that have been specifically developed to offer high tensile strength at low extension. The high modulus polyester multifilament yarns used in the production of these HS fabrics offer excellent creep characteristics making them the perfect choice for use in soil reinforcement applications.

Polyester soil reinforcement geotextiles for use in the construction of vertical walls, steep slopes and embankments over soft ground.

Bontec HS woven geotextiles are manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns and are available in a wide range of tensile strengths ranging from 70 kN/m to 600 kN/m in the principal load carrying direction.

Bontec HS facts include:

• Tensile strengths ranging from 70 to 600 kN/m width

• Low corresponding elongations at high loads

• HS Mechanical Properties that offer high tensile strengths at low corresponding extensions (2-6%).

• Hydraulic properties suited for use in most soils and granular fills.

Low creep characteristics, a critical property for soil reinforcement applications.

HS products have been specifically designed for use in reinforced soil. As soil is very good in compression but weak in tension, then HS grade geotextiles may be included within the soil mass to provide tensile resistance.

Typical applications for HS products include:

• Use in the construction of reinforced soil walls.

• Basal reinforcement of embankments constructed over soft soil.

• Use in load transfer platforms for transferring embankment loads onto the underlying pile caps.

• Spanning over areas of possible mining subsidence

HS Woven Polyester Geotextiles have the ability to carry high tensile loads for many years. During use, the stresses are transferred into the plane of the reinforcement by friction between the soil and the reinforcement fabric. Their ability to offer high strength at a low extension means that their inclusion can offer a structurally sound and cost effective engineering solution to your reinforcement applications.

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