• Bontec VNW is a range of medium performance needle punched nonwoven geotextiles that are manufactured from coloured polypropylene virgin fibres. These VNW products offer mass per unit area and thickness and are suited to use where a thick cushioning layer and a high elongation are viewed as key design requirements.

For erosion control, liner protection or as a capillary layer

Bontec VNW nonwoven geotextiles are needlepunched from coloured polypropylene staple fibres. VNW geotextiles are available in weights from 150 to 1800g/m2 and offer CBR puncture values up to 10500N.

Bontec VNW fabrics offer:

• A combination of fine filtration properties together with high water permeabilities. VNW Hydraulic properties that offer long term filter success

•Tensile strengths ranging from 6 kN/m to 100kN/m with corresponding elongations of 100% or higher

• CBR Puncture Resistance up to 10500N

• Fabric thicknesses available from approximately 2 to 12 mm

• VNW Mechanical properties that offer a combination of both good cushion resistance and high elongation

• Available in roll widths up to 5.25 m wide (wider on request)

VNW Mechanical properties that offer a combination of both good cushion resistance and high elongation. Available in roll widths up to 5.00 m wide (wider on request). VNW fabrics are produced using colour change fibres. These fibres are 100% virgin polypropylene and are sourced from the carpet industry. The fibres are not suitable for carpet production due to the colour variation obtained during fibre changeover. Thus, their use in the production of the VNW product range often results in the end fabrics being multi-coloured. Specific colours are however available to order. Please ask for further details.

Typical applications for VNW needle punched nonwoven geotextiles include:

• As a pipeline protection fleece to prevent damage to the expensive pipe coating during backfill operations.

• As an erosion control layer under rock armour or concrete revetments in river & coastal defence projects.

• As a cushion layer to protect impermeable membranes from puncture in new landfill and reservoir construction.

VNW Nonwoven Geotextiles offer a good permeability together with a high mechanical robustness. This results in the offer of a first-class resistance to both puncture and abrasion whilst still providing outstanding filtration characteristics. These qualities make VNW nonwovens ideally suited for use in the protection of impermeable membranes in landfill and reservoir construction as well as for protecting the beach material from erosion/wash out below the rock armour coastal defences.


Bontec VNW Technical Detail

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