• EcoPave is the openwork grids made of plastic derived from 100% recycled used for surface treatments for roads, parking lots, strengthen the lawn. It is an alternative for paving, replace concrete hollow slabs. When filling up the grid and fill the earth with vegetation, the roots are protected by the walls of EcoPave, and the surface is strengthened and moves loads up to 350 tonnes per sqm. EcoPave does not disturb the natural vegetation. Also the grid can be filled with gravels or aggregate. Surface floors EcoPave can be classified as biologically active area. EcoPave comes in 7 models differ in height, shape and strength which, are used for different purposes.

Whether filled with grass or gravel, the grids becomes practically invisible, which is why designers and investors can fully utilise the aesthetic qualities of natural surfaces, and design areas with varied colour schemes or textures. The load bearing, stability and durability of the finished construction, as well as its ability to provide adequate drainage, is reliant on the correct design and preparation of the foundation.

EcoPave Designed for various applications depends of the product model. Detailed design literature and technical requirements are downloadable.


EcoPave Grids Brochure

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