• Lightweight Expanded Clay pebbles is a great growing medium for all plants. It provides excellent
 Drainage as well as moisture retention. It can be used as a decorative mulch for plant areas and flower pots. It is a good alternative to decorative aggregate for areas with short plants under direct sun light, particularly in hot summer, because clay pebble is a good thermal insulator. It is also widely used in hydroponic growing and is pH neutral, clay pebble's pH value is between 6 and 7. The pores in the stones store water and release water when required therefore providing an excellent environment for root development. Ideal for roses, orchids and all types of fruits and vegetables. 
Light expanded clay aggregate, also commonly referred to as "grow rock", is ideal for indoor hydroponic growth because of its neutral properties - Garden clay pebble has no acid or alkaline characteristics. Clay pebbles is the right product for creating lightened draining substrate green roof and vertical greening projects. In the mixtures with the cultivation soil, it assures lightness to the structure and a water and air reserve for the plants.


Bark, Mulch & Clay Pebbles

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