• Fabric Geocells are honeycomb geotextile based product using for many purpose in landscape, civil or environmental engineering projects.

    Using  Fabric Geocell to control erosion ensures better resistance to the erosive effects of wind and water run-off. As our Fabric geocell product is made  by Terram in UK from permeable geotextile, it allows water to flow freely between cells encouraging drainage and vegetation.

Typical Applications:

•  Cut or fill embankments

•  Dams or spillways

•  Revetments

•  Abutment protection

•  Geomembrane protection

•  Soil-nailing cover

•  Steepened Embankments

•  Dams and Flood Defence Bunds

•  Retention Bunds

•  Green Walls

•  Sound Barriers

•  Culvert Head Walls

•  Permanent Woodland Trails

•  Paths & Cycleway

•  Driveways

•  Roads

•  Access Routes

•  Parking Areas

Fabric Geocell is supplied as flat packed panels which are opened to form the honeycomb-like structure. These are positioned and pinned to the ground using fixing pins and filled with a suitable, permeable infill.

Fabric Geocell can be used on slopes up to 1:1 and is flexible enough to be formed around trees and other obstacles. Seeded topsoil is the most suitable fill for less-exposed slopes, with small shrubs offering improved protection, whilst a granular material offers the highest protection.

Another application of this produce is to provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional earth retention structures as it eliminates the potential for cracking, spalling, splintering and corrosion commonly seen in concrete, steel and timber systems. Also it can be installed in horizontal layers to create fascia or gravity walls.

As we explained in market sector sub pages it can be used to protect tree roots as well as to create permeable paving systems.

For more detail please see the following product literature.


Fabric Geocell Brochure

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Fabric Geocell Technical Data

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