• While Tensar re-engineered the geogrid with TriAx to outperform even Tensar biaxial alternatives, there was still a need for a Geocomposite that could combine the high performance structural stabilising effect of the geogrid with the separation function of a geotextile. This is for use in application areas with high water levels or mobile sub-grade soils and when using fill that is not well graded. The Geocomposite is installed geogrid side up so it interacts with the granular fill.

Tensar TX-G geogrid incorporates the advanced technology of TriAx which is then combined with a non-woven geotextile laminated to the geogrid structure. This process provides extra filtration and separation, preventing adverse effect on performance which can created by fine sub-grade particles moving up into an open-graded aggregate layer. For more detail please see the following product literature.