• Green Wall Planter is a smart, sensible solution for living wall in indoor environments such as living room, office, restaurant, reception areas, and high traffic locations. Indoor plants are good for buildings and people in a variety of subtle ways. Interior landscaping plays a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to move, work or relax. This type of planter has water storage-drainage function. Every flower box has an independent water tank, which ensures automatic water supplement from the top flower box to the bottom one. The outside water pipe will be connected to the first row of flower boxes. When the water tanks of the first row are full. The water will move on to next row. The fibre in each box will absorb the water and convey it to the substrate. The irrigation system cannot only solve the problem of irrigation but lower the maintenance cost. Green Planter Wall can be used for outdoor spaces as well.

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Green Wall Planter

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