• GreenScape supply projects and customers with high-quality illuminated decors and furniture for outdoor and indoor uses, made for people who appreciate sensual, urban living. The love of clear forms, innovative materials combined with a fascination of the effect of light, GreenScape is always exploring new ideas for an expressive and timeless appeal.

    To guarantee the demanding level of quality and durability of our products, only high-quality materials are used. The unique, translucent polymer composites have been developed and produced according to European standards and under the brand name of TAU CETI and Moree exclusively distributed by GreenScape in Kurdistan and Iraqi market.

    Only through light colours, materials, shapes and spaces can be visually perceived, and light, influence your emotions more than any other mediums in any situation. The correct handling of light is crucial for the effect in any environment.

    GreenScape focuses on innovative LED technology in symbiosis with its products. The LED modules are remote controlled which enables endless colours, brightness and variety of effects right at your fingertips. Light and colour are what makes TAU CETI and Moree products so intriguing, and open up new dimensions in your designs.

LED Decor Ranges