• GreenScape Outdoor Lighting including a wide range of high quality and cost effective lighting products with modern styles and shapes. You cannot find any other supplier in Kurdistan or Iraq with this wide range of outdoor and garden lighting products. Except of products, GreenScape provide design, technical support and installation services for all of our products. GreenScape outdoor lightings are sourced from three international suppliers that are distinguished with quality of their products and all lighting products having warranty for 3-5 years. GreenScape outdoor lightings products are classified to five categories bases on their application purpose and product features, which are: Flood lights, in-ground, underwater, wall-mounting, wall-recessed, bollards, downlight and track lights.

Outdoor Lighting

Flood Lights

In-Ground Lights

Underwater Lights

Wall-Mounting Lights

Wall-Recessed Lights

Bollards Light

Down Lights

Track Lights