• GreenScape Resin surfacing is consist of a graded or a blend aggregate with a clear or colour resin, and bases on the methods and ratios of mixing it can be classified into several types which addaset resin bound surfacing, addabound, terrabound, addastone resin bonded, addastone tree pits and addacolor that designed to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing porous paving system for the areas around trees.

    GreenScape resin surfacing provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system which is flexible and resistant to cracking and can be applied on to asphalt and concrete or other stable substrates.

    These systems are porous, allowing water and air to permeate/percolate through the surface and beyond when a suitable base build-up configured for sustainable urban drainage systems has been installed. We have a wide range of different colours and aggregate types in different sizes.

Resin Surface Products