• TruckPave cellular paving is manufactured from recycled plastics providing a robust, lightweight, durable economic and eco-friendly alternative to concrete grasscrete-type pavers, capable of withstanding all levels of traffic up to and including coaches, dustcarts and HGVs.

    TruckPave’s cells can be filled with either grass seed/topsoil or gravel, making them suitable for stabilising areas where a grass or stone surface is desirable.

TruckPave applications include:

• Lorry, coach and car parks

• Emergency fire access roads

• HGV service access roads

• Road widening

• Grass verges, including where HGV overrun occurs

• Footpaths

• Service yards and other areas where forklift trucks operate 

• Lay bys

• Loading areas

TruckPave comes in two models TruckPave 80 and TruckPave 100. TruckPave 80 has tongue and groove interlocking for additional stability, meet SLW60 load category vehicles up to 60t gross weight. TruckPave 80 is flexible and resistant to cracking unlike concrete alternatives, because of it’s insulating qualities, plastic achieves greatly improved volume and quality of grass compared to concrete units, it has High compressive strength

TruckPave 100 is available with anti-skid surface detail for additional traction on gradients. Pavers do not transfer heat and dry out soil infill, it is harmless to plants and animals. Environmentally friendly as it manufactured from recycled plastics and Non-standard colours can be manufactured subject to order quantity. Detailed design literature and technical requirements are downloadable.


TruckPave Leaflet

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