• Used to provide long term membrane protection in landfill lining systems as well as in the more frequent applications of separation & filtration. Bontec SNW nonwoven geotextiles are value for money at its best. Produced using state of the art computer controlled production lines, the resulting SNW fabrics offer unrivalled CBR puncture and tensile strengths for maximum protection at optimum cost. Product is available in weights ranging from 120 to 800g/m2 and in rolls of 5,25 m wide.

Bontec SNW is a high performance range of white needle punched polypropylene nonwoven geotextiles that have been developed to offer outstanding performance at minimum weight. The SNW product range offers a superior puncture resistance when compared with most other needle punched nonwoven products of comparable weight.

Bontec SNW fabrics provide:

• In excess of 1000N CBR Puncture Resistance per 100g/m2 fabric weight.

• High tensile strengths with corresponding high elongations

• SNW Mechanical properties setting standards within the industry.

• A combination of fine filtration properties together with high water permeabilities.

• SNW Hydraulic properties that offer long term filter success

SNW fabrics are produced using staple polypropylene fibres. They are 100% virgin PP and are the result of a focused R&D programme. Being polypropylene, the fibres used in the production of the SNW product range are extremely durable and (i) exhibit excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis at ambient temperatures, (ii) have an exceptionally low moisture absorption such that the action of water at ambient temperature has no effect on their mechanical properties and (iii) are resistant to micro organisms and insects and will not support the growth of mildew or fungi.

SNW needlepunched nonwoven geotextiles are employed to provide:

Protection: high puncture and tensile strengths that offer outstanding protection to membranes and liners in landfill and reservoir engineering.

Separation: preventing the intermixing of two dissimilar soil layers. Their high mechanical properties combined with high elongation ensures that the SNW products offer a very high damage resistance to even the most demanding fill types.

Filtration: Durable in the most extreme site conditions, the SNW hydraulic properties of high permeability and fine pore size make this product the ideal choice for use in the more demanding filtration applications such as coastal engineering.


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