• GreenScape company specialised in the supply of garden gravel, decorative aggregates, cobbles, pebbles, slate, granite, rockery stone, glass aggregates, clay, pine bark, chipping and mulch to private and trade customers in Kurdistan region and Iraq. You can choose from a vast range of products including our best quality aggregates to make your garden or driveway stand out from the rest. The highest quality gravels and aggregates sourced from different sites and quarries both locally and from abroad.

    Decorative aggregate can be used to create beautiful pathways, pot toppings and border decoration and add finishing touches to patios. Suitable for paths, container dressing, border decoration, pot topping and aquatic use, some of them suitable for driveways.

    GreenScape supplying weed guard as underlay layer for decorative aggregate around trees and shrubs to work as separation layer. Also we have geotextile as an alternative layers for pathways and driveways.

    Greenscape Bodpave with decorative aggregate is an excellent solution for porous paving solution which provide an attractive sustainable urban drainage alternative conventional pavings of concrete or asphalt.

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