• Terram RG geotextiles provide a number of functions: protection and separation/filtration. These make these thick geotextiles ideal for:

    • The protection of impermeable membranes landfill basal areas, side walls and caps, tailing lagoons, reservoirs, balancing ponds, reed beds, artificial lakes

    • To prevent soil erosion from beneath rock armour and pre-cast concrete revetments, sea shores, rivers and water channels, lakes and reservoirs.

These needle-punched robust geotextiles are able to resist damage that could otherwise be caused during the placement of angular stone/rock and go on to deal with point loads in service life whether it’s beneath 20m landfill waste or beneath rock for foreshore defences.

The product comes in several models with different physical characteristics to meet projects various technical conditions, the models are RG3, RG3.3, RG4, RG5, RG6, RG7, RG8, RG9, RG11, RG14, RG17, RG19, RG22, RG25, RG30, RG40.

Application areas include:

• Landfill engineering

• Coastal and Waterways

• Highways

• Pipeline and utility protection

• Landscaping

For more detail please see the following product literature.


Terram Robust Geotextile Leaflet

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Terram Robust Geotextile Installation Guide

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