• GreenScape living wall is a truly flexible, modular green wall system that helps transform any built environment. Our patented solutions brings a new level of sustainability to all kind of projects through intelligent water management, and stable system dynamics. GreenScape living wall systems fulfils many essential requirements for contemporary urban development, including: improved air quality, noise reduction, biodiversity, psychological well-being, and mitigation of urban heat island effect.

    GreenScape is a designer and supplier of modular living wall systems. We are an innovative, Kurdistan based company, managing projects across the Kurdistan region, and working with partners in other parts of Iraq. Our vision is to transform urban architecture for the well-being of people and planet through innovative use of vertical greening. We welcome commissions and construction contracts both large and small, from private, public and commercial clients. We work on principles of collaboration, integrity and excellence, believing that our shared expertise will bring the best results.

    GreenScape’s concern for sustainability becomes critical when designing extensive areas of greenery in the built environment. Good water management was a key driver of the initial development of our living wall systems.

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