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If you want to enjoy your garden and your outdoor space after dark, lighting is the answer, but it’s tricky to get the balance of light and shade right. GreenScape garden designers pay a great amount of attention to this matter during design. Light looks best when contrasted with dark, so the play of light and shadow is one way of creating dramatic effect. A simple brick or painted wall can act as a backdrop for shadows to play upon, and the leafier the plant you set against it the better. The effect when lighting your garden is not one of a harsh wash of light over the entire scheme, but one where points of interest are highlighted and different plants can be appreciated at different times of year. GreenScape products range include various types of exterior lighting and LED decorative products.

Exterior Lighting

Floodlights – In-Ground – Underwater – Wall-Mounting – Wall-Recessed – Bollards – Downlights – Tracklights


Choosing the lighting for the outdoors of your home is an important decision not because only is outdoor lighting essential for security but also it can change the whole appeal and atmosphere of the entire home. GreenScape supply many different types of outdoor lighting including flood lights, in-ground lights, underwater lights, wall mounting lights, wall recessed lights, bollards, down lights, track lights and so on with a large amount of styles and sizes. What is remain now, how do you know what outdoor lighting is best suited to your home or your project? Leave this matter to GreenScape engineers to make the perfect lighting choice for you. Unfortunately still in most projects in our region, project owners leave the whole outdoor lighting system to electricians while outdoor lighting should be designed by special designers and electricians should only consider wiring installation and connection and all other things should be done according to the design and under the supervision of designers. Remember, GreenScape designs is customised according to your distinct tastes for your garden and exterior lighting needs. We believe in our products, design, and landscape lighting systems.

Exterior Lighting

Points to be considered in Exterior Lighting Design

1) How large is the outdoor space? When choosing the outdoor lighting it is easy to get carried away and start implementing every kind of possible lights but we have to be careful not to overdue it, considering how big the garden and open space is an essential point to choose the right amount of lighting accordingly.

2) Follow a lighting theme. Depending on how the garden and open space is laid out we will need to think about continuity from one to the other. For example we will need to follow the lighting theme throughout, and so if we go for cast iron lights in the garden try and follow this cast iron look to other parts such as the drive way as well.

3) Different levels of light. We need to choose to implement lights at different levels; this will make the outdoor space appear larger and more spacious. This is to mean choose floor lighting, as well as tall lamp post lighting, and wall lights as well so our eyes are drawn to different heights.

4) Determine Budget. In order to response to different budget limits, GreenScape Lighting include two ranges, both are high quality products but different in styles and features.

5) Outdoor lighting has been revolutionised by the introduction of efficient LEDs, and the increased availability of relatively safe, low-voltage lighting and more reliable solar-powered units. Even “designer” effects are now available for domestic and commercial projects.

6) Outdoor lighting fixtures need to place strategically on the property. What you see is the light reflected off an object. Let’s say we’re looking at lovely stone façade. There may be dozens of tones of rich brown and gold in that stone. But if all those tones don’t exist in the light source, we won’t see them. The stone could end up looking flat and grey in the wrong light. And there are many “wrong lights.” All light sources are not created equal.

7) Consider Bulb Properties. Every different type of bulb (referred to as a “lamp” in the industry) has different characteristics. Different light sources offer different colour temperatures, a different colour Rendering Index (CRI), different lumens per watt, different bulb life and different degradation of light over time–the list of differences go on.

8) Light direction and angle. Placement is just as important as colour and colour temperature in any given lighting design. In placing lights, it’s important to consider which features define the property, the shape and textures of the surfaces to be lit, the shadows the light may cast, visibility and safety issues, maintenance issues, light spillage, and interaction with the surrounding landscape as seasons change and plants mature.

Outdoor Lighting

LED Decors

LED Cubes – LED Balls – LED Furnitures – LED Planters – LED Decorative Products


Our exclusive LED light decor is a unique combination of environmentally friendly PE material with contemporary LED lights in a wide range of unique designs. Pushing boundaries of what is possible when it comes to LED decors and LED furniture, here we have collection of wild and fascinating sculptured products that capture the imagination and can set your outdoor events aside from any other.

GreenScape LED decors are high quality quality products with a remote changeable colours. Virtually indestructible with 4 levels of brightness from soft to intensive levels. From the remote control you can choose from different colours. (white, red, lime green, yellow, orange, purple, baby blue) You can decide to have the product to be green one day and red the next day for instance. From the included remote control you can also program it to revolve between the colours, you decide the speed and brightness. These LED decors are designed for indoor and outdoor use, it is waterproof and can also be used for lighting in the pool, spa or anywhere the ultimate light experience is desired. It is a great accent light for indoor or out. GreenScape LED decors including: LED cubes, balls, furniture, planters and flower pots and LED decorative products.


Waterproof IP65, adaptor plug optional, colour change by remote, IR Remote Control (Regular Control), rechargeable battery: charge 4-6hours can work 8-12 hours, battery stand by time: 7 month above, DMX technology customised: accept, directly to high power: accept; WiFi customised: accept, suit for: gardens, outdoor space, restaurants, event halls Coffee shops, SPA, Supermarket, Hotel, Home and so on.

LED Decors