Green Roof – Green Wall – Vertical Greening – Planters and Flower Pots

Within each of these fields we supply a wide range of solutions and products to help our clients meet all kind of possible challenges and achieve dreamed landscaping targets in their projects.

Green Roof

Extensive Green Roof – Intensive Green Roof – Pitched Green Roof


In their sum of their positive ecological and economical characteristics, green roofs make a relevant contribution toward achieving future-oriented sustainable architecture. GreenScape company in cooperation with Quantum Building Company in Kurdistan region and Iraq, provide ZinCo solutions for all types of green roofing that are tried and tested solutions worldwide.

Green Roof Systems

ZinCo Green Roof Systems

Zinco is based in Germany but it is a global pioneer in the field of green roofing since 1957. Our systems includes extensive green roofing as an ecological protective covering or in conjunction with a photovoltaic system to roof gardens and green roofing of underground car park, roofs with pathways or driveways. System-integrated, fall-prevention systems that are installed without the need for roof penetration are also an integral part of ZinCo system solutions for greened roofs.

Green Wall and Vertical Greening

Living Wall – Green Wall Panel – Green Wall Tray – Green Tower – Green Ball


is formed by either planting at-grade or planting on elevated planters, aiming at creating greenery mainly on vertical surface of associated structures. Typical examples of vertical greening include planting of climbing and/or weeping plants along the edges of buildings or structures, planting of other suitable plants on stacks of modular planters or panels, or combination of both. Each Living Wall is bespoke to a project and is supplied ready to install. The planting is designed to suit the specific site and aspect – so, each client receives a distinctive, instantly mature Living Wall to their exact specification. Given their unique design, our walls invisibly integrate an irrigation system to support a vast variety of vertically growing plant species at a density and maturity that can provide instant impact.

Vertical Greening

Planters and Flower Pots

Stainless Steel – Wooden – Zinc – LED – Fibreglass – Plastic – Terra-Cotta – Coco liners – Synthetic- Aluminium


Container gardens add a splash of colour and greenery to your patio, deck, porch or terrace and make these outside areas of your home appear warm and inviting even most type of planters are suitable for indoor uses as well. Depending upon the variety of plants you choose and other factors such as drainage and location, we have a wide range of planter materials and styles to choose from. Each planter has distinct advantages and may be better suited to certain applications, so familiarise yourself with some facts before choose a planter. Knowing a few tips for the care and maintenance of container gardens is important to keep plants healthy. GreenScape staff always consider these facts in projects, even we provide as much as possible consultation concerning with planters and flower pots to all our customers.

Choose a planter for your house or garden is not just a superficial matter to consider its style and appearance only, indeed, before you decide which planters will work best, you need to consider the following:

What is the mature size of the plant you have chosen? Will the container receive full sun during the day? Do you intend to leave your planters outside during the winter? Will you need to move the planters or will they remain stationery? Do you prefer the look of terra cotta, ceramic, wood, metal or plastic planters? Considering the materials that planters and flower pots made of, GreenScape supply Stainless Steel planter, wooden planter, zinc planter, LED planter, fibreglass planters, plastic planters terra-cotta planters, coco liners, synthetic planters and aluminium planter.

Planters & Flower Pots