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High quality aggregate and natural stone paving will enhance and add value to any garden and exterior space. GreenScape have put together a wide range of resin bound surfacing and high grade slate, granite, sandstone, limestone, quartiz and porcelain paving stones, all available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes ideal for perfecting your garden and exterior.


Addaset – Addabound – Terrabound – Addastone Resin Bonded – Addastone Tree Pit – Addacolor


GreenScape Resin surfacing is consist of a graded or a blend aggregate with a clear or colour resin, and bases on the methods of mixing it can be classified into two main types which are Resin Bonded surface produced from a graded aggregate applied directly onto a natural or coloured resin, creating a textured surface and Resin Bound surface, which is a porous surface produced from a blend or graded aggregate mixed with clear resin and trowelled to a smooth level finish.

GreenScape resin surfacing provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system which is flexible and resistant to cracking and can be applied on to asphalt and concrete or other stable substrates.

These systems are porous (in the case of bound surfacing type), allowing water and air to permeate/percolate through the surface and beyond when a suitable base build-up configured for sustainable urban drainage systems has been installed. We have a wide range of different colours and aggregate types in different sizes. We have several types of resin surface systems which are distinguish from each other by typing of aggregates and the amount of resin to be mixed with it. These types are: Addaset resin bound surfacing, Addabound, Terrabound, Addastone resin bonded, Addastone tree pits and Addacolor that designed to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing porous paving system for the areas around trees.


Benefits of resin surfacing are,

1. Aesthetically pleasing

2. Decorative natural appearance

3. Sustainable urban drainage systems because its porous features

4. Durable

5. UV stable

6. Low maintenance

7. Anti-slip and wheelchair friendly.


Its main applications are, footpaths, landscaping schemes, heritage sites, car parks, cycle paths, driveways, footbridges, housing developments, pedestrian precincts, education facilities, retail units.

Resin Surfacing Products


Fan Pattern – Rectangle – Square – Irregular Pattern – Star Compass Paving


GreenScape offer customers an inspirational and extensive range of ethically sourced granite stone landscaping products. Our granite pave-stones can be applied for , garden pathway, patio, driveway in residential landscape or commercial and public projects. GreenScape granite distinguish with its unique design and it is hard to beat, If you’re after a contemporary, stylish and minimalist design for your outdoor space. GreenScape granite pave-stones are perfect for borders, patio spaces or driveways and will suit both a traditional or contemporary setting. It blends so well with the natural environment and will enhance the beauty of any outdoors space, large or small. Our granite paving is available in different colours and different sizes bases on project requirements but as a standard we consider 20mm thickness for pathways and 40mm thickness for driveways. Furthermore, we supply projects with different shapes and patterns such as fan pattern, rectangle, square, irregular and star compass granite paving stones

Granite Paving Products


Slate – Granite – Sandstone – Limestone – Quartzite


Another paving stone type we supply to our projects and clients is Irregular flat stone, as the name implies this stone comes in various shapes and sizes as well as thicknesses. Most irregular flagstone will have a natural cleft surface, although a few will be smooth sawn. The irregularity of the stone can create a natural woodsy appearance for pathways as well as a formal look when laid in cement for a patio or walk. GreenScape irregular stones are most suitable for square, paths, courtyards,patio, gardens and driveways. GreenScape Irregular paving stones mainly come in the types of slate stones, sandstones granite, quartzite and limestone with different colours.

Irregular Paving Slabs